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The Considered Approach

The Considered Approach

We pride ourselves that we have developed a unique approach to residential construction in the Hamptons—we call it The Considered Approach. It stems from our experience which demonstrates that meticulous planning and transparency throughout the process, combined with our expertise, produce an outstanding value both in the project deliverables and in developing superior client relationships. Following is an outline of this approach.

Comprehensive Bid

We meticulously assemble a very detailed bid binder with proposals for and information about every aspect of the project, from land clearing and excavation through the installation of finishes and furniture delivery. This bid binder becomes a roadmap to the construction process and the subsequent ownership use.


We assist the architects in gathering the necessary documentation for the permitting process. It is in our, as well as in the owner's, interest to commence the construction project expeditiously.

Construction Roadmap & Open Book Policy

Full disclosure is our policy. Once the construction begins, the client can at any time consult the bid binder and cross-reference it to the actual progress on the ground. Among other items, the bid binder contains the names and contact information for the subcontractors working on each stage of the project.


We stand behind our work and are always available to implement a house maintenance and service program. The bid binder serves here as an excellent owner's manual.

How to Hire a Contractor

How to Hire a Contractor


A referral is always a good starting point. Satisfied clients are extremely valuable.


Take the referrals a step further and actually contact the references. This may give you a more detailed sense of how the contractor operates and performs.


Take the time to view a few projects previously completed by the contractor. Nothing can substitute for seeing the results first hand.


Interpersonal chemistry with the contractor is not only pleasant but often essential in achieving the desired project outcomes.


Determine if the contractor is a team player. Building a house is never a one man show.


Is the firm local? A local firm is more likely to be able to navigate the construction process well and to provide a better post-construction service.


Always verify that insurance is in place. Workmen's compensation and general liability insurance are costly to the contractor but, if absent, accidents could be far more costly to you.


Of course, ensure that the contractor is licensed for the township where the project is located.


Opening a separate bank account will enable you to track easily the costs related to the project.


Insist on a clear, comprehensive bid so you can compare "apples to apples"—otherwise there are too many variables to make an informed decision.